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A very desirable business!

Our clients have built a unique & successful business over many years. This has been achieved by creating a bespoke problem solving / service driven business franchise. A reputation for excellence has seen the business grow significantly – it has been able fund its own growth with after tax income.

The business continues to grow, however as a function of its unique franchise (systems, policies, procedures, processes, beliefs etc.) we believe it can be scaled to grow at a far greater rate than is currently being experienced.

Furthermore, the approach the business takes to risk management, which includes;

  1. Continually diversifying its client base and product offering, and
  2. Proactively managing its fixed cost, working capital and capex processes…..

has created a highly effective tool to manage inevitable industry, geographic, economic or other business driven downturns.

Our client (under the right circumstances) now wishes to potentially exit, or partially exit the business. Our client recognizes the potential need for a “phase in – phase out” (or even an “earnout”) mechanism to be implemented with regard to both “understanding the franchise”, and securing any residual personal goodwill. In this regard, those interested in this business would necessarily have an engineering / construction/ or similar background.

A current independent “going concern” based valuation of the business (inclusive of sufficient working capital to support current operational trading activity) is just over $A6million – equating a return on investment of circa 20% pa, (inclusive of management salaries) potentially over a full business cycle.

Please telephone David Purtle or Peter Rayner on (02) 4631 0184, for initial enquiries.