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About Valuator

 Valuations of Businesses, Plant & Equipment, and Property of every type & dimension.

•  Valuator  specialises in Valuation, Advisory and Transaction engagements which range from the seemingly simple, to the unquestionably complex, in the small to medium enterprise (SME) business sector.

Typical Client Attributes;

•       Legal Entities:

Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies (public & private) & Trusts.

•       Business Sizes:

1.    Micro Businesses (4 people or less)
Small Businesses (4 to 20 people)
SME’s (up to 200 people).

•       Business Situations:

1.    Start Ups,
2.    Liquidations & Turnarounds
3.    Growth
4.    Realignments
5.    Enduring Success

•       Industries & Sectors:

        All Industries & Sectors

Valuations are provided for;

•        Assets pre acquisition & divestment

•        Business Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A)

•        Evidence of depreciation

•        Expert witness purposes

•        Family Business Reorganisations

•        Family Law Matters

•        Financial & Statutory reporting

•        Insolvency Cases

•        Insurance Purposes

•        Litigation support

•        Re-financing

•        Stamp Duty

•        Taxation

•  Valuator  applies the same professional standards and duty of care to micro businesses (eg sole traders & partnerships), as it does to SME’s (eg companies & trusts) with an enterprise value of up to $A100m.

•  Valuator  services are built on a solid foundation of professional Valuation, Accounting (including Business Diagnosis, Appraisal & Audit), Stock & Station Agency, Broking, Operational & Investment Management and Private Equity experience.

•  Valuator  is able to apply its professional skill base and experience to all valuation related circumstances and transactions involving Businesses (including intangible assets such as contracts, brands and various types of goodwill), Plant & Machinery and Property.

•  Valuator  applies a bespoke approach to each valuation engagement, and accordingly will provide a clear view on the reasons driving & supporting each valuation outcome. This is because every business, business asset (including property, plant & equipment) & business situation is different.

•  Valuator  continues to act for a broad range of clients owning Commercial, Residential and other property around Australia. Clients include a variety of high profile “family” and corporate investors & owners .

•  Valuator  has seasoned valuation professionals, all highly experienced in terms of their ability to quickly identify the Drivers and Critical Success Factors behind various businesses, and business situations (including any impact on Property, Plant & Equipment). This is a function of a deep understanding of commercial reality, business management, prevailing economic conditions and the dynamics of transaction negotiation & execution. Experience across a broad cross section of industries is augmented by an enviable Australia – wide network of likeminded professionals, with whom, where possible, they will “reality check” their findings and views (on a “no names” basis).

In summary, as one of Australia’s leading valuation practices, Valuator is able to assist with
Property Valuations                     Business Valuations                      Machinery Valuations